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P.tta Chiarottini, 8 33043 Cividale del Friuli (UD)+39 0432/731116cfmunesco@cnpd.it
Cividale del Friuli
November 25th - 28th 2017

                         COMMEMORATING THE GREAT WAR                          THE HISTORICAL COMMITTEE


During CFMUNESCO 2017, delegates will work in an assembly, the Historical Committee, that resembles UN conferences and will discuss about crises that involved many countries and endangered the stability of our world in the past. The events discussed will be real crises that happened during World War I, in the period of time between April 1917 and 1919, and that involved all the world. These crises occurred in different years and, during the debate, they will be discussed following their chronological order. Each delegate will not represent a country in general, as it happens in other MUN committees, but a character, a sovereign or a prime minister, that guided a state during the period of time which the assembly will work on. Delegates will have to imitate the behaviour of that person and to operate always keeping in mind the real decisions (or plausible ones, if finding the real decisions is impossible) taken by their countries in a precise occasion.


Find the complete Booklet of CFMUNESCO's Historical Committee in our section Agenda and Chair Reports

Apply in order to be part of the Historical Committe with Form IV - Security Council & Historical Committe Application Form in our section Registration and Docs and send it to cfmunesco@cnpd.it



cfmunesco 2017


Dear future Delegates, dear MUN fans,
it is a great pleasure and honour for me to welcome you to the Official Website of the fourth edition of CFMUNESCO!
With this message I would like to officialy invite all of you to take part in our conference organized by students of the High Schools hosted by Convitto Nazionale "Paolo Diacono"! CFMUNESCO 2017 will take place from November 25th to November 28th  2017 in Cividale del Friuli.
Our Executive Team, Presidents and Chairs are already working to organize a great welcome for you and work with you, as real representatives of the United Nations, to discover, discuss and solve problems our world is facing during this months! During our conference you, young politicians, are going to be the main characters, do not forget to have fun and enjoy! See you soon
Kind regards,
Simone Clavora
Secretary General
November 25th-28th, CFMUNESCO 2017
organised by high school students attending Convitto Nazionale “Paolo Diacono”
Cividale del Friuli (Ud), Italy
                                        The Executive Staff, Presidents & Chairs of CFMUNESCO 2017

Conference Schedule

25th November

26th November
27th November

28th November

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