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Agenda and chair reports

HISTORICAL COMMITTEE "1919-Time for Peace?":

  1. From the 1919 Paris Peace Conference to the 1938 Munich Conference: from the dream of peace to the birth of totalitarian ideologies

ICRC (International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement):

  1. The question of Climate Change, Natural Disasters and Displacement: a multi-track approach to filling the protection gaps
  2. The question of the Health Care in Danger: continuing to protect the delivery of health care and the safety and security of humanitarian volunteers


  1. The question of Natural Disasters and Risk Reduction, with a focus on School Safety and UNESCO Designated Sites
  2. The question of Values Education through Sport

CSW (Commission on the Status of Women):

  1. The question of Assisted Reproductive Technology 
  2. The question of Enhancing the Role of Women in current post-war Societies

WHO (World Health Organisation):

  1. The question of Vaccination to Promote Global Public Health 
  2. The question of Defining a Regulation for the use of Stem Cells

Security Council: 




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