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Committees description



The UNESCO Committee, which represents the peculiarity of our MUN conference since the beginning, thanks to the fact that our town, Cividale del Friuli, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2011. The debate within the UNESCO Committee focuses on issues concerning education, science and culture; more precisely we will discuss about the promotion of sport values and natural disaster and risk reduction in schools and UNESCO sites.



The Historical Committee on Great War, which will simulate the events linked with the conclusion of World War I until the emergence of totalitarian regimes. It will be composed of 20 delegates, who will act the part of real historical leaders and are expected to more closely model the individuals that they are portraying, turning out great diplomatic ability, but also historical and cultural knowledge.


ICRC (Interational Conference on the Red Cross and Red Crescent)

The International Conference of Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which is a unique feature of CFMUNESCO, being the only High School students ICRC simulation all over the world. It is managed together with the Italian Red Cross and deals with humanitarian issues; this year we will focus on the displacement due to natural disasters and on the protection of humanitarian volunteers’safety.


CSW (Commission in the Status of Women)

The Commission on the Status of Women, aimed at promoting Women’s rights and value, focusing on reproductive technologies, and the role of women in post-war societies.


WHO (World Health Organisation)

The World Health Organization, aiming at solving burning disputes concerning health, patients’ rights and procedures. The issues chosen are the use of stem cells and the promotion of vaccines worldwide.



The Security Council, a committee of 15 delegates, 5 of which have the veto power during the debates, concerning global urgent problems such as political unrests and conflicts.